First Gen Journey Intro

There are many news stories reflecting a grim reality for first generation college students - high drop-out rates, financial difficulties, academic underpreparedness, social isolation, etc. As a First Gen college student, I know there is truth to those sad headings. But I also know that there is much to celebrate about being a First Gen college student and very few tell that story. Likewise, while there is fanfare when First Gen students get admitted to college and graduate school, there is silence regarding their experiences after college when people enter their careers as first generation professionals. I decided to search for and tell those stories.

First Gen Journey Podcast will feature stories that reflect the journey through college and career but also delve into personal struggles and successes through a First Gen lens. Since First Gen students often come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, are people of color, and are children of immigrants, we will also be exploring how intersections of class, acculturation, and generational conflict impact the personal and professional lives of First Gen students and professionals.

This podcast is meant to share those stories, inspire hope, and connect with the very real struggles and triumphs of first generation college students and professionals. 

A note about my guests and defining success